• By Maggie Clancey

At KarenAsh New York, we believe it is our duty to be socially responsible while designing and creating luxury products. Our brand is passionate about utilizing only conflict free diamonds in our pieces, ethically sourced through our supplier who certifies compliance with the Kimberley Process.  

Many luxury customers still buy diamonds without researching the origin.  Here’s some information on why you should consider buying certified conflict free diamonds:  

The Kimberley Process helps regulate the trade of rough diamonds; it has united 81 countries and countless diamond companies worldwide to positively impact the lives of those involved in the diamond trade. This process has greatly decreased the amount of “conflict” diamonds on the market, also known as “blood” diamonds, which are rough diamonds used by rebel movements and their allies to finance armed conflicts in order to undermine legitimate governments.  One cannot always guarantee the origin of a diamond, especially if it weighs less than one carat, however, partnering with a well-known trusted supplier who regularly visits mines and the trade process is reassuring, and helps protect against fake KP certificates.   

What conflict free means to our brand:  The #KarenAshWoman will appreciate our ethically-based efforts and socially responsible business practices. When you buy a piece from a socially responsible company, you are taking a stand for something you believe in and doing what is right. KarenAsh New York believes that going the extra mile for conflict free diamonds is truly worth it.


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