Exploring Alternative Bridal

  • By Maggie Clancey

KarenAsh New York believes that an engagement ring not only symbolizes one’s eternal love, but should be the essence of your ring dreams.  We offer a selection of alternative engagement rings that will represent your unique style and sophistication.  You will cherish your nontraditional ring not only on your special day, but every day.  


Art Deco alternative: KarenAsh New York jewelry designs have been inspired by motifs from the Art Deco era.  Our deco rings emit a bold nontraditional style that manages to stand out in a crowd.  We design Deco rings with a variety of diamonds, shapes, and precious stones.  Use these as inspiration to create a one-of-a-kind bespoke engagement ring.  Our designer's favorite statement piece, The Santa Cruz Deco, was recently seen in British Vogue.  View the look at!

Vintage inspired alternative:  The Madeline ring was recreated from a family heirloom of the early 1900s.  This classic design is a beauty to have and behold.  We prefer to set old mine cut diamonds to keep with the vintage aesthetic.  Engagement collection:

Ethical is the “new black”  The #KarenAshWoman believes in ethical product sourcing.  All of our luxury engagement rings are handcrafted for quality in New York utilizing conflict free diamonds.  When you make this commitment with a conflict free diamond, you are also committing to an ethical stance.

Protect your ring:  Diamonds can withstand almost anything, which is why it is the chosen stone for everyday wear.  However, metals, like gold, that are worn everyday will lose their original shape over time.  We recommend that you have prongs checked once a year by a trusted local jeweler to prevent losing any sentimental and precious stones.  

Be yourself, contemporary bride.  Be nontraditional. Be unique. Make a statement.  #KarenAshWoman

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