How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

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How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day (yes, we said GALentine)
We’ve been through a lot together! Celebrate your fave person to show your appreciation for the friendship you share. Without our BFFs, let’s be honest, where would we be? (...hard to imagine). As busy as life gets, we can’t neglect those relationships dearest to us. Reserve essential space in those jam-packed planners for Galentine’s Day.
Schedule a much needed dinner date…. Plot twist: no phones allowed! (avoiding texting, and swiping left or right!) Full attention needed when updating each other on those jolting moments with the in-laws.
Don’t hesitate or overthink this one: Tag a friend in a motivational quote; we all could use the extra thoughtfulness at any given time. DM some positive vibes their way for inspiration throughout the week!
For our beloved anti-Vday-ers, grab a bottle of wine or 3 (not judging) and binge watch Big Little Lies together. Misery loves an accomplice, just don’t leave her miserable alone watching The Notebook.
This one’s simple...Tell your BFF that you are proud of them, especially those killin’ it in their careers, wearing red bottoms to show for it. Just say it; it doesn’t need to be a rehearsed 90’s R&B love song.
Send your bestie a Galentine’s Day card. Make it yourself with a throwback pic of you two, or purchase a cheesy card. Whichever you choose, include the reasons why you admire them- silly or sweet.. After all, it’s really the thought that counts.
Friendship is the bond that inspires us to live up to our best potential (don’t want to fall short of that) We celebrate Friendsgiving, so why not Galentine’s Day. When in doubt, make each other laugh.
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