Guide to summer jewelry care

  • By Maggie Clancey

Summertime festivities and heat can damage your favorite pieces. Here are some tips to make sure your fine jewelry stays fine all summer.

Pool parties: Caution when swimming!  It is best to keep jewelry away from chemicals like chlorine; it may alter the color or finishes of certain metals and colored stones. Make sure to remove your fine pieces (store them safely) to prevent possible discoloration from pool chemicals. Pieces with colored stones should be removed when showering or swimming.

Too hot to handle: Caution in extreme heat!  Fine jewelry should be treated as such.  For example, sudden temperature changes or extremely high heat can cause opals to fracture.  When unsure, you can best preserve your pieces by avoiding extreme temperature changes.  

SPF: It’s best to get into the habit of removing jewelry before applying tanning oils, sunscreens and lotions:  Apply all your skincare products before styling your outfit with fine jewelry. Products, like sunscreen, can cause dullness and discoloring that will require unnecessary additional cleaning.

Suggestion:  KarenAsh New York recommends having a professional jeweler clean your fine jewelry to ensure proper handling and care of precious stones. Bring your fine jewelry to your trusted jeweler for any care questions.  They will know how to remove oils and dirt without damage.  If you prefer to clean your own pieces, you can use a mild detergent and warm water; allow to air dry or wipe clean. You can use a jewelry polishing cloth; avoid using anything abrasive as it may scratch metal surfaces. 

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