Jet-Setting with Jewelry

  • By Maggie Clancey

We all want to look our best on vacation, and jewelry is essential to styling any outfit. Whether you are sailing the Adriatic or relaxing on the sand, here are some tips to care for your jewelry while jet-setting.

Limit yourself:  While traveling, your focus should be on arriving to your final destination and enjoying your experiences. We recommend packing only a few versatile pieces that you can wear every day on your trip.  Bringing too many pieces can be a source of unnecessary worry.  So relax, and prevent this by bringing only select pieces.

Consider a case:  Once you limit your pieces, pack them in a discreet case to protect them on the go.  Wear some jewelry and keep the rest in a carry-on bag.  For peace of mind, your bag should be within site while in transit.  Soft jewelry cases that roll up are quite useful, easy to store in a pocketbook, and can neatly hold your delicate pieces.  They are offered in sustainable and durable fabrics that will last years to come.  More importantly, they will prevent your jewels from getting tossed, tangled, and scratched.  Purchasing a protective case is a wise long term investment if you plan to jet-set with jewels!

Take Caution:  Sometimes it is better to remove your pieces to ensure proper care.  Fine jewelry with gemstones can be damaged by sudden temperature changes and extreme heat.  We also recommend that you take off your jewels before applying suntan lotions. Chemicals in chlorine and sunscreen can cause discoloration that will require unnecessary cleaning.

We enjoy providing practical advice for the #KarenAshWoman.  Everyday luxury doesn’t have to be complicated.  We believe fine jewelry should be worn, not kept locked in a safe.

Enjoy jet-setting safely with your fine jewelry! 

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