Sentimental Heirloom Jewelry

  • By Ashlee Wainer

Sentimental Heirloom Jewelry Blog by KarenAsh New York

Open your stash of jewels-- what do you see?

Most pieces have an emotional tie, signifying a memorable event in your life, or a loved one that has passed, right?  Some pieces were probably passed down by family as heirlooms.  A study by Jewelers of America noted that two-thirds of Americans actually expect to receive or inherit jewelry.  So why are they just collecting dust?  I believe in wearing the pieces passed down to us because they were given to be enjoyed and worn.  You’ll feel the good energy of those memories, and the sentiment will comfort you.

Jewelry, NOT Dust Collectors

I am a firm believer in wearing your jewelry.  All of it, including the fancy stuff--no need to “save” for a black tie occasion.  Who said diamond hoops are not practical?! 

I love nothing more than a ponytail, diamond hoop earrings, a nice tan, black mascara, boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt (and a fresh mani pedi to complete the look).

To me, that shows a sense of personal style, confidence, and fun.  What's not fun-- your jewelry collecting dust.

In my family, pieces are passed down on special occasions, such as sweet sixteens and weddings.  For my sweet 16, my grandmother, Madeline, gave me her mother’s platinum ring, {see below} which she swapped out the original stone for an opal (my birthstone).  I wore this ring everyday from age 16-18, now it's in the rotation.  My mom gave me the earrings that her boyfriend gave her at her sweet 16.  How sweet is that?!  My grams loves seeing us enjoy the pieces she thoughtfully chose to pass down to us all, and the new life breathed into them.  I think she also enjoys knowing that her legacy will be carried on, and the piece of jewelry is a reminder of her.  To tell her story

Make it your own

Sentimental family heirlooms are simply irreplaceable, so please cherish them.  I’m not saying wear every necklace you own at one time---you’d look a little coo-coo for cocoa puffs.  But do rotate the pieces and actually wear what you were given.  If something is just not your style, play around and incorporate/mix it in with your favorites.  You can remake, update, and resize to your use.  Little tip: Old unique pieces are always nice conversation starters-- when you're the awkward attendee at a bridal shower, perhaps?  They are something interesting and relatable to others.  And make for meaningful casual conversations, sharing the story of your heirloom piece or loved one.

(*The gold heart necklace at the top is still my mom's... but I am currently borrowing it, and enjoying it, since she is not.)


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