What is Jewelry for Petites?

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What is “Jewelry For Petites?” A FAQ:

First- what it is NOT: “Jewelry for petites” does not refer to dainty or lightweight pieces. It refers to proper sizing, styling, and proportions.  You don’t need to be under the 5ft mark to wear petite jewelry; many average stature and tall women alike have tiny wrists and slim fingers, thus needing to find “petite jewelry.”

The petite perspective:

The petite market has a reputation for falling short on fashion, it has become more difficult for petite women to shop in local retail stores; everything is presumed online now.  Most petite women have a very limited selection when it comes to online shopping-- the struggle to buy clothing that does not require alterations is real.  The same frustration goes for finding fine jewelry!

Ashlee's candid response when asked what she has done to change the current problem petites have with jewelry:


Approximately 50% of women’s ring sizes are between 6 and 8 (US) with an average size of 7, and whole sizes are worn more frequently than half sizes. A lot of women are under the impression that if they are in-between two sizes, they should opt for the bigger ring.  True-- but this is not the best solution for a proper fit.  WHY? Opting for a whole or even a half size up can be enough to lose your new beautiful ring.  Some of the more well-known fine jewelry brands offer rings starting at a size 4 and go up to a size 13.  However, at both extreme ends of the size spectrum, especially half sizes, only certain styles are available--so petites are often out of luck.

At KarenAsh New York: Rings are offered starting at a size 3-- 
Click here to download our ring sizing chart 


Bangles and Bracelets:

A bracelet length of 7-7 ½ inches is the size an average woman wears, and a woman with a "petite wrist" could require a bracelet starting as small as 5 inches!  Note: Sizing for bangles and bracelets varies depending on how you personally prefer to style your jewelry-- accounting for comfort and movement.  Some like a  looser fit, others more snug.  Children's bangles and bracelets range from 4.5 inches to 6 inches.  After much research, we could only find a couple fine jewelry brands that offer bracelets starting at size 2X-Small (4.5 inches).

At KarenAsh New York: Petite bangles are our specialty--
Our Empire Bangle features a strong yet flexible design which allows the bangle to slide on and off without losing shape. 
Download our wrist sizing chart to find your size.

Necklaces and Chokers:

It's common knowledge that necklaces are typically 16 or 18 inches long, but one-size-does-NOT-fit-all!  Some retailers even start choker lengths at 16 inches, which would lay on a petite statured woman’s collar bones; hence no longer a choker.  Necklaces should be proportional to your height while complimenting your face and décolletage in a flattering fashion.

At KarenAsh New York: Necklaces are offered in various lengths to accommodate one's unique style-- including 15 and 17 inches for that desired proper fit.

Our Signature LUXE Choker is available in 13,14,15 inch lengths.

 We hope this helps eliminate the struggle and guess work when it comes to finding fine jewelry for petites.  At KarenAsh, we are proud to offer a little something for everyone.

In case you missed our KarenAsh woman post on Facebook “We love making our PETITE KarenAsh women smile 💜 Dr. Pina was so happy to find a ring that fit WITHOUT resizing! Petite women deserve instant gratification too! We have enough challenges 😅“

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