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Designer for Petite Jewelry


I am an artist, a trendsetter, and nurse.  I am inspired by strength, creativity, design and beauty in all things. I am Ashlee Wainer of KarenAsh New York.

Working as a nurse, my time with patients has touched me in profound ways. In the process of helping others through suffering and healing, I have learned to embrace life with exuberance and passion.  My jewelry is a reflection of the lessons that each of my patients have taught me—that true passion born is from experience, resilience, and broadening your horizons.

Maybe it’s an inherited gift from my great grandfather, a jewelry designer of the early nineteen-hundreds. I greatly admired his hard work, vision, and love of working with his hands.  In my free time, sketching, wax carving, and metalsmithing comprise just some of the jewelry design skills that I continue to evolve along with my knowledge of brilliant gemstones. From vivid to uncommonly colored jewels—like bicolored tourmalines, tsavorite, morganite, and diamonds—I find that each brings its own unique brilliance of texture and color to my creations that echo the timeless design and architecture of the 1920s Art Deco era.

Also exclusive to my collection is special sizing for petites.  As a small stature woman with hands and wrists to match, finding jewelry that fit without falling was extremely hard—until I created my own.  Along the way, I discovered that could offer many interested customers an alternative to downsizing an existing piece, purchasing children’s jewelry, or seeking a jeweler willing to customize.  At KarenAsh, I am proud to offer a little something for everyone.

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