By KarenAsh New York

$1,200.00 USD

14 KT Rose Gold 18" necklace

Paraíba tourmaline in yellow gold setting, set into longer fan

Adjustable design, perfect by itself, or layered with a shorter necklace

This is a 1.4 mm heavy round cable chain

This stunning paraíba tourmaline is vivid blue, natural and untreated, and mined from Brazil


About Paraíba Tourmaline:

Discovered in the late 1980s, Paraíba tourmaline’s vivid blues and greens have intrigued gem lovers around the world. Its unique blue coloring instantly sets it apart from other varieties of tourmaline due to its copper content. Although copper colors other gems, such as turquoise, it’s not a coloring agent in any other tourmaline. Being the most rare tourmaline, paraíba is highly valued. Paraíba tourmalines are found in Brazil’s Paraíba region, as well as in Mozambique and Nigeria.


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